Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quo vadis Thea?

You probably've seen the 16th project update by J.Wick. You didn't? Well - there's something you need to catch up quickly!

The thing is, there's new land coming in: "The Land of Gold anf Fire". And that's another one, which makes me dizzy with the scope of the project and number of new places in plan.

It's like so far we've been looking at Thea through magnifying glass, and now we're just standing up to look at the big picture!

And honestly, since I've learned about "The New World", I was like - "Wut? What's wrong with the old Thea?! I've had so much fun over there, why going somewhere else? JW don't dilute! Just take what was great and make it even better!"

But than I took some sleep. Did some thinking (yea - it happens, even to ogres. It's a slow process but nevertheless...). Eventually I figured something else - I've been on the old Thea. I mean everywhere. I've sneaked upon the bears in Ussuria (not a good idea!), challenged Vestens for a fair duel (not a good idea again), called Vodaccian a liar (Well... You can see where it's going!) and even told a Montaigne tailor, that it's not a cloth that makes a man (Actually... Never mind the comment - you can imagine.).

So what JW is doing now, seems like making a new place I want to go. A lot of new places I want to go!

With all the old nations squeezed into only two books, the horizon seems like a great new direction!

After all, if you look at our yard, so many good stories were told outside of the old continent. "Zorro" happens in California, "Pirates of the Carrabean" are - duh! In Carrabean! And in case you didn't notice, Africa is so much stuck with piracy, that it still can't shake off the pirates of their shores!
So it seems like there's a lot of potential outside of old Thea, even before we start mentioning all the cool names from history books like: Cortez, Magellan, William Adams (check wikipedia if he doesn't ring the bell).

So after a second thought, I'm all thumbs up about the idea. I wander though, what are your opinions - are you excited to go outside, or you're planning to stay on the continent?

Dla tych co po polskiemu

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